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Renewing the living room


Renewing the living room

The purchase of the new couch seems an easy decision, but only to the appearance. Here as to carefully choose it.


Sofa in offer, quality and saving, a new couch every year. But we are sure that a low price is convenient indeed?

Buying a new sofa seems an easy decision, but only in appearance. Here’s how to choose it carefully. Sofas on offer, quality and savings, a new sofa every year … but we are sure that a low price is really reliable? Think about it: we really need a new sofa every two years? And, more importantly, what happens to the old one?
At best in the country house or in the attic, in the worst (and much more common) ecological island town. A real crime to the environment in which we live.

That’s why the real distinction to apply in choosing a new sofa is the quality.
Your next sofa has not to be only beautiful, but also comfortable, the right size, suitable to the environment where it will be placed, and that lasts at least ten years!

Here’s what you need to be careful in the choice:


The body: it must be wood, sturdy and quality, to support the full weight of the cabinet and who you will sit comfortably over.

The filling: the best materials are polyurethane and feathers. Just a nothing feather over the polyurethane padding for an extremely comfortable seat.

The comfort: if you make a try-out sofa, as you seem comfortable, the seat cushion must not create depressions or be too hard. A happy medium will prove to be the correct choice.

The coating: to be stain-resistant and completely removable for washing. Both things, not just one or the other alone. The stain-resistant fabrics can be cleaned quickly with a damp sponge if, for example, will fall accidentally coffee on the pillow. But you’ll also be able to wash it completely in the washing machine or laundry room for deeper periodic hygiene.

The style: everyone has their own that will also vary depending on the rest of the house style. The sofas thankfully are not all alike! Note also the surrounding environment and the colors already present in the living room.

The form: lately are very fashionable sofas with chaise-longue peninsula, but purchasing them you will notice that this choice may prove a double-edged. They are very comfortable for those who love to be relaxed watching TV or reading a book, as long as this person is alone! In fact, if you want to host friends or you are just a couple, you’ll soon notice a shortage of space and upcoming evening wars to grab “the best place.” Why argue or make people feel uncomfortable friends and relatives? Better a standard three-piece suite and a pair of matching ottoman for relaxing moments.

The measure: the sofa is always measured policy, and awareness of space that will occupy. Keep in mind the distances with respect to television, the other seating elements (armchairs, furniture, coffee table) and keep a safety margin to be able to walk around.

The sofa bed: never as in this case the quality is a must. It should not just be easy to open, durable and aesthetically acceptable, but also convenient for those who must sleep. Double check the internal mattress: it must be non-deformable, polyurethane or latex antiallergic and anti-mite, with slatted frame and a sufficiently elevated you’ll use them.

Roommates in four legs: this is a sore point for all pet lovers. They will be them to get used to the couch and not vice versa! In fact there is even a sofa impervious to nails and hair, and if they live in the house dogs and cats will need to equip themselves with spray deterrent, scratching posts and top cover to protect the upholstery. A viable solution would be the choice of an outdoor sofa with a plastic shell, easier to clean and washable lining and robust. There are wonderful, also fitted to transform, if any, of the seats into a couch, bed, or ottoman.

Come and visit us, we will certainly find the most convenient solution for you!