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Chairs and tables: novelties and returns of 2018


Chairs and tables: novelties and returns of 2018

Many new materials and shapes from the Salone del Mobile in the name of comfort and practicality.


Every year the Milan Furniture Fair stands as a point of reference for the style and choice of furnishings and the innovations of international interior design.
This year, unlike in the past, we see a return to simplicity and practicality a bit ‘in all areas, without ever abandoning the style and the research of materials.
The designers of the main Italian and international brands and furniture companies seem to have focused on linearity, giving priority to the final use that will be made of each piece of furniture.

Take, for example, chairs and tables. Therefore, to make careful choices for your home, we present you the most interesting news with our advice.

Each chair has its table… or maybe not?


The coupled chair-table is a bit like a floral arrangement in a vase: content and container must be perfectly harmonized to obtain an effect that is both pleasant and versatile.
Therefore, the chairs must always be proportioned to the table, both in number and in size and arrangement. The set must be visually balanced even when nobody is using it because, remember, the chairs are the most exposed part, which catches the eye before the others, giving an architectural touch to the living area.
Therefore we always take great care in the choice of colors, materials and shapes.
It goes without saying that if you decide to opt for a set of different sessions, the table must be sober, to act as a counterpoint to the experimentation game that takes place around it

Question of legs


2018 is the year of the thousand-legged tables. Crossed like shanghai or lined up like solid stilt houses, they are a piece of furniture already in their own right. A single precaution: take into account the number and position of the legs when choosing the sessions, always having in mind the overall effect and practicality of use.

The materials


Research and experimentation in materials is constant and infinite in the world of design.
While the indispensable wood, steel and marble remain strong, with a strong desire for solidity and strength, on the other, especially for the tops, materials such as PVC, lacquered glass, laminate, resins and glass-ceramic continue to evolve.
The effects are wonderful, but also in this case we always keep in mind the use: if, in addition to receiving guests, tables and chairs will be a place of work or play, better opt for resistant materials with optimal performance, as well as nice appearance



In our opinion disposable is not a method applicable to furniture, both for an ethical and environmental issue.
Therefore, even with regard to tables and chairs, if you have pre-existing elements in the house that are well-made and still usable, there is no reason to replace them. You can restructure, modify and integrate in a modern context, with a hint of eclecticism

We bring color into the home!


There is an almost infinite availability of texture and palette: let’s use it!
This does not necessarily mean turning the dining room into a color palette, but it is also possible to adopt a Nordic style by using a clever use of only one or two colors that will stand out in a neutral room, for example dominated by natural wood

Stools: yes or no?


Just as every chair wants its table, even the stool is made for a counter.
So if you do not have an island in the kitchen or living room, avoid this choice.
Even in the case of stools we have many options: different heights, with or without backrests, swivel or not.
As always to help us in the final decision will be the purpose: where and how will we use the stools? Are we used to eating alone or in pairs at the kitchen counter? Is there a table that already takes up a lot of space? When and with whom do you plan to use them?
Here too the golden rule applies: designing before buying

The return of the circular table


Tables and chairs must fit in a well-defined space and harmonize with walls, doors, windows and other furniture in the room.
This year we see a great return of oval and round tables, more suitable for sharing, dialogue and informality.
It may not seems so in appearance, but a circular shape lends itself better to furnishing small spaces and can accommodate a greater number of guests with a more fluid  distribution